Listen again: What does the consumer want?


Find out more about the what the consumer of today and tomorrow will look for in the plant-based products that they consume in this webinar, originally recorded on October 15 2020.


Smart Protein is a €10 million, EU-funded project that seeks to develop the next generation of foods which are cost effective, resource efficient, and nutritious. As part of the project, alternative protein sources such as legumes and side streams of beer and pasta production are used to generate ingredients and plant-based meat, seafood, dairy products and baked goods.

This webinar is aimed at professionals with an interest in food and beverage development, manufacturing or retail, in addition to Smart Protein project consortium members and members of the Smart Protein Stakeholder Advisory Board.


Dr Kai-Brit Bechtold, Senior Consumer Research Scientist at ProVeg International

Dr Kai-Brit Bechtold is a Senior Consumer Research Scientist and lecturer with extensive expertise on developments, trends, and data in the food sector. Before holding positions on agency side for Nielsen and then on industry side for Upfield (formerly Unilever), she worked as Scientific Researcher (PhD and Postdoc) at the Department of Food Economics and Consumption Studies at the University of Kiel and investigated consumers‘ preferences and willingness-to-pay for innovative food products. Her passion for sustainable food and her knowledge of insights into consumer trends and behaviour position her as a true food industry expert.

David Hedin, Consultant at Euromonitor International

David Ingemar Hedin is an industry expert on food and nutrition with in-depth knowledge of trends in staple foods, contributing to the content and quality of Euromonitor International’s research. David provides global expertise and forward-thinking insights identifying latest product developments and key market trends in baked goods, ethical positioning, meat successors, frozen potatoes and more. He is also an appreciated speaker at leading food events and round tables, delivering custom insights for large audiences. He holds a MSc in Agricultural Business Management from the Swedish University of Agriculture.

Chris Bryant, Director of Social Science at the Cellular Agriculture Society

Chris Bryant is a social scientist, animal advocate, and effective altruist. Completing his PhD at the University of Bath in 2020, his research has focused on consumer perceptions of alternative proteins including plant-based and cultured meat, as well as the broader social psychology of animal product consumption. Chris continues to do research to further alternative proteins, including work with The Good Food Institute, Animal Charity Evaluators, ProVeg International and others.

Nicolas Dhers, Strategic Director on Food Transition at Carrefour