Listen again: What is the Smart Protein project?


Find out more about the aims, objectives and scope of the Smart Protein project in this webinar, originally recorded on October 8 2020.

Smart Protein is a €10 million, EU-funded project that seeks to develop the next generation of foods which are cost effective, resource efficient, and nutritious. As part of the project, alternative protein sources such as legumes and side streams of beer and pasta production are used to generate ingredients and plant-based meat, seafood, dairy products and baked goods.

This webinar is aimed at members of the Smart Protein project Stakeholder Advisory Board, in addition to professionals working across a wide range of industries that are linked to the project. This includes those working in the agricultural sector, in addition to those linked to food and beverage research, development, manufacturing or retail.


Dr Emanuele Zannini – Smart Protein Project Coordinator and Senior Research Coordinator at School of Food and Nutritional Sciences, University College Cork

Emanuele Zannini studied Agricultural Science at the Universita’ Politecnica delle Marche. During his PhD, in Applied Biomolecular Science, he focused on the selection of antifungal lactic acid bacteria as biopreservatives in food products. Since November 2009 he has been working as a Senior Researcher at the School of Food and Nutritional Sciences, UCC. He is particularly interested on fundamental and orientated research activities on food microbiology, food engineering, and food nutrition in order to formulate the next generation of food and beverage products able to address consumers’ preference and dietary needs as well as complement the medical therapy requirements. He is currently appointed in UCC as Senior Research Coordinator and is the Lead Coordinator of the Smart Protein project.

Dr Patrizia Buldo – Senior Application Scientist, Chr. Hansen

Patrizia is working at Smart Protein partner Chr. Hansen, which will be linked closely to all work related to Food Processing. Patrizia has a Bachelor in Food Science and Technology from Faculty of Agriculture, University of Perugia (Italy); a Master in Dairy Science and Technology from Wageningen University (The Netherlands); a PhD, in Food Science (“Crystallization of fat in and outside milk fat globules – Effect of processing and storage conditions”. ) from Aarhus University (Denmark) in addition to other qualifications. Patrizia previously worked as a Postdoctoral researcher at University of Copenhagen (Denmark), researching food microstructure and functionality, exopolysaccharides, dairy ingredients and fermented milk products. Patrizia joined the Chr. Hansen team in 2015 as a senior application scientist. As part of her role, she is chairman of the Texture Competence program, where she is responsible for securing texture competences globally, including characterization and understanding of the textural properties of fermented products, development methods and teaching activities. Patrizia is also involved in other research programmes and has over 10 peer reviewed publications in scientific journals, 1 patent and has written chapters for encyclopedia and books.