Meet the Partner: Döhler


What is Döhler doing and what is its mission? 

Döhler is a global producer, marketer, and provider of technology-driven natural ingredients, ingredient systems, and integrated solutions for the global food, beverage, and nutrition industries. Döhler is all about mastering sensory performance and nutrition. Being sustainable by nature, Döhler helps to provide better nourishment for the world, with their motto being “Good for people – Good for planet”.

Döhler’s ingredients are derived from natural raw materials, with the company committed to mutual long-term partnerships with its suppliers.

The company’s comprehensive portfolio of natural ingredients ranges from flavours to colourants to a broad range of naturally healthy plant-based ingredients, as well as ingredient systems and end-to-end solutions. By focusing on smart ideas for great products – Döhler optimises efficiency and minimises its environmental impact.

With more than 45 production sites and 75 offices and application centres around the world, Döhler is present in more than 160 countries. Its 9,500 dedicated employees, including 1,000 people in R&D, focus on science, technology, and innovation to develop products for a better world.

Döhler’s integrated and entrepreneurial approach to innovation includes innovation services, market intelligence, advice on food safety and microbiology, and sensory science and consumer research. Döhler also runs its own venture unit, with more than 85 currently active projects.

To learn more about Döhler and its vision and mission, please visit the company’s website.

What are the roles and responsibilities of Döhler in the Smart Protein project?

Döhler’s key role in the project is in scaling up the production of Smart Protein’s innovative plant-based protein ingredients and its liquid-state fermentation of promising side-stream materials. The results will be novel food ingredients which can support the creation of more sustainable, nutritious, functional, and better-tasting solutions for multiple plant-based application categories. The company will also test and apply ingredients developed by Smart Protein, focussing on spoonable yoghurt alternatives and plant-based drinks.

What expertise does Döhler bring to the project?

With more than 45 production sites around the globe, Döhler has deep knowledge about the scaling and industrialising processes, and tailors solutions according to individual needs and equipment settings. These scaling capacities range from liquid to dry processing, starting with the respective crops and ending in final B2B ingredients or complex tailored blends and compounds. This allows for the evaluation of scalability, as well as investment potential and the construction of business models around these innovative ingredients and applications.

Additionally, the company will explore a wide range of applications in the plant-based sector with the support of its global application teams in the Smart Protein regions and backed by its global production capabilities and customer network, thus multiplying the potential for the real-world success of novel ingredients.

What is the nature of Döhler’s expertise and work outside of the Smart Protein project?

At Döhler, we believe that food and beverages are not just meant to be consumed, but to be experienced – we create products that build joyful experiences which awaken human senses and leave a lasting impression. Our approach sets us apart and helps customers to meet the consumer expectations.

We also believe that a healthy diet is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle for people and the planet, and are aware of the profound impact that our dietary choices have on our health and the world around us. Healthier eating contributes significantly to longevity and quality of life. This approach, which we refer to as ‘nutritional excellence’, is an expression of our commitment to providing the world’s growing population with a healthier and more sustainable diet.

During the initial product-ideation phase, our expertise in market research, category exploration, and idea screening helps our customers to discover emerging opportunities. Together, we evaluate and refine our ideas into a robust, actionable framework, streamlining the development process and increasing efficiency. By leveraging our collective knowledge and comprehensive application know-how, we develop products that are ready for market evaluation.

Using targeted sampling and rigorous consumer testing, we execute a validation loop for both product and concept, ensuring that they align with consumer expectations. This approach helps customers to take their products to the market more quickly and mitigate the risks inherent in today’s highly competitive landscape.

By providing technical assistance during the scaling-up phase, we support customers in the successful realisation and launch of their products. This helps to accelerate market entry, enabling new products to make a lasting impression and quickly gain momentum.

At Döhler, we know that smart ideas have a way of becoming great products. We are committed to making that a reality – in partnership with our customers. As a result of this holistic approach, every day, millions of people around the world enjoy healthy and delicious products created by Döhler.