Meet the Smart Protein partner: Endori


Endori (originally named amidori) was established in April 2015 in Bamberg by the Büse and Wedel families, with their love of good food and their hunger for a better future for animals, people, and the environment.

Endori now employs around 160 people working in Stegaurach, making delicious plant-based food as an alternative to products of animal origin. The company currently produces plant-based meat substitutes such as burgers, sausages, mince, kebabs, and a great deal more, all of which can be used in virtually any dish as a foolproof alternative to meat`products. In terms of raw ingredients, the focus is on high-protein plants such as peas, grown in traditional, regionally appropriate multiple-field crop rotation.

What are the role and responsibilities of Endori in the Smart Protein project?

Endori is taking part in the Smart Protein project with the aim of creating consumer products out of new plant-protein ingredients. These products will use dry or wet extrudate raw materials to create nutritious alternatives to meat and fish products.

Which expertise does Endori bring to the project?

Endori is an established manufacturer of meat alternatives and also started to offer fish-alternative products last year. With the ability to produce a wet extrudate base for such products, backed by the capacity for all kinds of refinement processes on its site in Stegaurach, Endori is a one-stop partner when it comes to plant-based alternatives. With this strong focus and close cooperation with the agricultural industry, the company has a lot of knowledge and experience in the processing of plant-protein products.

With the participation in the Smart Protein project, we want to further build on our expertise in the field of plant proteins and their processing in order to create delicious and nutritious plant-protein alternatives to animal-based products. Additionally, we like to establish strategic partnerships, because together we can achieve our important goals much more quickly than on our own.

Gemini Delle Vedove is Senior Researcher in Agronomy and a lecturer in Organic Farming at the University of Udine, and is also leading the Smart Protein Work Package on crop production.