Meet the Partner: MOGU

MOGU is an environmentally conscious company that is innovation-driven. Dedicated to developing and scaling a range of mycelium-based technologies for the production of naturally grown biomaterials, edibles, and consumables, MOGU is founded on the belief that it is possible to employ Nature’s intelligence in order to radically disrupt the design of everyday products, thus establishing a finer balance between human beings and the rhythms of the natural ecosystem.
At MOGU, we co-design with nature to develop cutting-edge technologies and deliver naturally grown products with superior properties. Employing fungal mycelium as an engineering and manufacturing platform, our objective is to grow functional, innovative, high-quality, and environmentally responsible materials.

MOGU and the Smart Protein project

MOGU’s laboratory

MOGU is involved as a partner in the Smart Protein project as a developer and producer of fungus-based ingredients by using solid-state fermentation processes. MOGU employs its expertise in biofabrication and fungal fermentation for the production of fungal-fermented products, produced according to Italian and EU standards. These high-quality edible composite cakes are made from a combination of mycelium, grains, legumes, and suitable agro or food-industry by-products.

MOGU’s main area of expertise within the Smart Protein project

With mycelium-based technology as our driving force, MOGU has years of expertise in its application for product development. Specifically, MOGU has extensive experience on the solid-state fermentation of different fungal strains and substrates, adapting and designing different processes and bioreactor configurations in order to achieve optimal yields and performance in every situation. MOGU also owns a well-furnished mycelium collection, with more than 200 fungal species and vast expertise regarding the selection and testing of the best performing strain for each purpose and process.

MOGU’s work outside of the Smart Protein project

INTIA Smart Protein trials

Mycelium growth in Petri dish

MOGU’s focus is on the use of mycelium-based technologies to develop a family of sustainable bio-composite materials and food products. Following circular-economy principles, these products, composed of mycelium – the vegetative part of fungi – and low-value feedstocks or by-products of agro-industrial value chains, are produced through a natural and mild fermentation process. Mycelium-based materials are suitable for applications in diverse markets – in particular, MOGU has a special focus on housing materials for green building and bio-design. We produce and deliver acoustic panels, wall panels, and bio-based flooring solutions. MOGU is one of two brands founded by parent company SQIM, a mycofoundry that develops advanced technologies which combine the potential of mycelium-based biofabrication with a deep understanding of the biology behind it. While MOGU addresses the interior-design and green-building sectors, EPHEA, SQIM’s other brand, has created a new class of innovative mycelium-based flexible materials for the fashion and automotive markets.