Meet the Partner: Quinoa Marche


Quinoa Marche, which owns the brand Quinoa Italia, intends to promote the several beneficial effects of this super grain by developing a brand-new quinoa value chain in Italy’s Marche Region.

The quinoa farmed by Quinoa Marche will be local and natural, addressing consumers’ demands for healthy and nutritious  food that is economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable. Quinoa Marche was established in 2013 to produce fair-trade domestic quinoa grains for processing in various food and beverage applications via an innovative and sustainable production chain.

Quinoa Italia and the Smart Protein project

Quinoa Marche is an active partner in Work Package 1, which focuses on the validation of crop/grain varieties and the implementation of regenerative agricultural practices in open-field trials in order to implement a regenerative protocol that will be included in the certified scheme.

Quinoa Marche brought to the project its agronomic expertise in the cultivation, variety assessment, and processing  of quinoa, as well as knowledge of regenerative strategies acquired during previous research projects.

a combine harvester dropping quinoa into a bag

A bit more about the brand, Quinoa Italia: 

Besides working on the assessment of new crop/grain varieties from an agronomic perspective, we focus on the sustainability of post-harvest processing in order to strengthen the environmental and economic dimensions of a crop, as well as on the development of new ingredients and food products that offer superior nutrition and sensory features.

products by Quinoa Marche, lined up on a table