Meet the partner: Soguima 

Soguima is a Portuguese family-owned SME with almost 35 years of market experience in the production of frozen seafood. 

Soguima is all about a healthy Mediterranean diet, with a mission to provide consumers with high-quality, safe, and healthy seafood products that meet their taste, convenience, and affordability expectations. Soguima accomplishes this by using only the best raw materials, adhering to strict quality-control procedures, and investing in cutting-edge technology.

Soguima’s vision is to become a leader in the global food sector by expanding its product line, improving distribution channels, and emphasising sustainability and environmental responsibility. 

Soguima has always been driven to cater to various niches and specific dietary requirements. For example, they were the first seafood company to receive Kosher and Halal certification for some of their products.  Soguima is also a pioneer in plant-based seafood products, having established their plant-based brand and product line more than ten years ago. This has provided the company with valuable insights into a market segment that is becoming increasingly important to the food industry. 

Soguima and the Smart Protein project

As a seafood specialist, Soguima’s role within the Smart Protein project is to develop plant-based seafood products using protein isolates and concentrates developed by the Smart Protein consortium. Soguima’s market experience in the plant-based sector, combined with their expertise in production and marketing, adds great value to the Smart Protein project. Soguima has already developed a wide range of plant-based alternatives, including white fish, tuna, chicken, beef, and dairy. The goal is to introduce proteins from innovative sources, produced by other partners in the Smart Protein consortium, into their product matrices, creating final products that are even more nutritious, contain improved plant-based proteins, and have a higher protein content, without compromising taste.