Meet the Smart Protein partner: Beotanics


Beotanics – partnering with the food and beverage industries to provide unique plant-based solutions that are high in nutritional and functional value.

Based in Ireland, the Beotanics Group is an agri-food company that employs 45 people and works with universities, plant-based R&D organisations, and industry partners worldwide, serving and supporting the global shift towards plant-based nutrition.

Today, more than ever, we are realising the importance of what we eat, the power of food, and the importance of crop diversity and nutritious ingredients. This is why Beotanics has positioned itself to provide a unique crop range for the production of nutritional and functional ingredients, contributing to a more sustainable future for human nutrition.

Patrick and Noirin FitzGerald, the founders of Beotanics Ltd, have worked consistently to build their knowledge and resources in order to provide the innovations needed to progress advanced plant propagation towards a sustainable farming system. Having started his first company FitzGerald Nurseries Ltd in 1990 as an alternative-farm business, Patrick established Beotanics Ltd in 1998. In 2016, Beotanics entered a 50/50 partnership with a Portuguese family investment company to develop a supply chain for the growing of sweet potatoes across Europe.

Plant based nutrition in ‘orphan’ crops

With the increasing shift towards plant-based diets across the western world, Beotanics sees even more opportunities for the introduction of new food crops and for specialist plant-based ingredients. Through our continuous work with sweet potatoes, Beotanics has identified a range of nutrient-dense ‘orphan crops’ in the form of purple sweet potato, taro, yam, wasabi, and yacón. Beotanics continues to develop a worldwide network of breeders, researchers, scientists, agronomists, and growers, providing the food and beverage industries with access to a range of unique sources of nutrition in order to evolve the supply chains for plant-based ingredients.

Food companies are increasingly selecting plant-based ingredients for their products. Beotanics partners with those who are seeking unique, natural, transparent, and fair ways to enhance the taste, appearance, and nutritional value of food.

Beotanics’ Mission: Discovering new ways to feed the planet

“Our mission is to discover new ways to feed the planet that improve human health, balance resource allocation, enhance biodiversity and reduce environmental impact, while widening crop opportunities for farmers in Europe,”, said Patrick Fitzgerald, CEO of the Beotanics Group.

BBeotanics’ participation in the Smart Protein project involves the testing of high-protein pre-commercial and commercial varieties of faba beans, lentils, chickpeas, and quinoa, following their further development, stability, and adaptation to Irish and Portuguese climate conditions, guided by the principles of regenerative agriculture. Through our commitment, diligence, and further passion for knowledge development, we aim to improve our professional skills and competencies. Subsequently, aiding the transfer of this valuable knowledge, through supporting growers and agronomists world-wide, will lead to the creation of new opportunities in the agri-food sector.

New, local, and more nutrient-dense food solutions in ecologically sustainable systems

The importance of maintaining local supply chains, as well as the need to develop new, local, cost-effective, and more nutrient-dense food solutions has never been greater. At the same time, using alternative protein sources can have a positive effect on the planet – by adapting regenerative agriculture strategies that focus on resilience to climate change through supporting carbon biosequestration and strengthening soil health and vitality. It is important that we develop crops and ingredients that are farmer friendly and provide consumers with the desired ingredients and products.

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