Meet the Smart Protein partner: EurA


EurA – We support market leaders of tomorrow

As a technology and innovation consultancy operating throughout Europe, EurA has supported future market leaders in the innovation process for more than 20 years. From research and new product development to market launches and international marketing, EurA is dedicated to optimising the market launch of sustainable products with the help of its extensive network and expertise. EurA’s wide range of services includes subsidies, network management, technology transfer, innovation and process management, commercial consulting, equity capital, life-cycle assessment, and corporate innovation services.

EurA has been very active in exploring sustainable solutions using life-cycle assessment for a wide range of economic sectors, from food and feed to renewable energies and building and construction. After successfully completing numerous national, international, and EU-funded projects, EurA is especially proud to have the Smart Protein project in its basket, thus contributing to the sustainable food systems of the future.

Good intentions might sound nice, but it’s positive actions that matter

Along with more than 30 partners, EurA joined forces to carry out the Smart Protein project under the EU’s Horizon 2020 initiative. Within the scope of the Smart Protein project, EurA supports the vision of sustainable plant-based-protein products for human consumption in two ways:

  • Firstly, by exploiting the commercial and financial feasibility of each protein value chain, and developing various best-performing business cases for a rapid transition to plant-based protein and bringing the products to the customers.
  • Secondly, by performing the sustainability analysis of the products developed during the Smart Protein project, using life-cycle assessment and life-cycle costing, comparing them to the conventional products, optimising the value chain, and bringing into focus the key benefits of the developed products and thus the significance of the project.

The positive action of investigating and quantifying environmental and economic impacts helps Smart Protein products to compete with conventional protein foods and agricultural approaches. This is expected to help normalise choosing sustainable protein products over meat or dairy products – in a cost-effective and resource-efficient way.

Optimising the whole food value chain

Currently, there is a lot of potential for optimisation in the food value chain with regards to ecological and economic impacts, through applying sustainable agricultural and food-manufacturing processes and valorising the side-streams of the production phase,” said Dr. Denise Ott, Head of Sustainability at EurA.

EurA is glad to contribute to accelerating the protein shift towards sustainable plant-based nutrition. We will continue to collaborate with leading producers and suppliers of plant-protein ingredients in order to develop sustainable food products’ value chains and make these products accessible to all consumers. This will also meet increasing consumer demand for healthier and more sustainable products.

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Rosmarie Reuss Dr. Denise Ott