Meet the Smart Protein Partners: ARCA Agriculture for the Controlled Regeneration of the Environment


ARCA is a consultancy and training company based in the Marche region, in Italy, with the aim to regenerate the territory and the environment through sustainable agriculture.

ARCA: The mission

By 2050, the population of Earth is predicted to increase to almost ten billion people, all of whom will need to be fed with finite resources. Relying on animal-based protein sources puts a heavy strain on our environment, which means that nutritious, sustainable, and innovative protein alternatives are needed more than ever. The Smart Protein project is an EU-funded partnership between more than 30 international partners that aims to develop alternative protein ingredients and products which have a positive impact on the bioeconomy, environment, biodiversity, nutrition, food security, and consumer trust and acceptance.

The main aims of the company are to:

  • ensure environmental recovery through innovative cultivation techniques, optimizing the use of raw materials and limiting waste in order to improve the quality of the environment and provide ecosystem services;
  • boost knowledge and use of virtuous practices in soil treatment, in breeding techniques, in the use of organic fertilizers, in the recovery and reuse of waste materials;
  • boost knowledge and use of renewable energy production systems;
  • manage natural resources and energy in a sustainable way, enhancing their use and reducing waste;
  • raise awareness, disseminate and promote the culture of respect for the environmental ecosystem, biodiversity, enhancement of the territory, eco-sustainability, food safety and quality, recycling and energy saving.
  • return the role of land manager to the farmer (ensuring fair compensation) and transform end consumers into active soil regenerators.



ARCA promotes organic conservation farming techniques in the Marche region, which allows in the medium-long term a “regeneration” of soils. The system promoted by ARCA (ARCA “Regenerative soil system®”) is based on 4 main pillars:


ARCA: good land, healthy food

Soil health as a new starting point for agriculture. Everything starts from the land, from what we breathe, drink and eat.

Healthy soil = Healthy food = Healthy people = Healthy planet

That’s why ARCA works to properly rebuild the soil: only in this way we can have good and healthy food. ARCA therefore wants to help farmers and food users to make more ethical, healthy and environmental choices to defend natural capital, bringing a new awareness to the market: the opportunity to grow and choose products that are not only good for health, but that can also regenerate soils, preserving organic matter.

ARCA’s experience in Smart Protein project

The Smart Protein project aligns perfectly with ARCA’s mission: the regeneration of the soil and the environment.

We strongly believe that land, food and health are closely linked” – says Bruno Garbini, president of ARCA – “With Smart Protein we will have the opportunity to make our contribution and to use agricultural techniques and technologies that can regenerate the soil, helping us move from carbon source agriculture to an agriculture that absorbs carbon and therefore becomes more resistant to the effects of climate change”.

Within the project, ARCA will support farmers in adopting conservative organic farming practices and will actively participate in the dissemination of the project results.


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