Meet the Smart Protein partners: Delphy


Worldwide expertise for food & flowers

Delphy is a leading international agricultural-consultancy organisation based in The Netherlands. It is a private company that has its roots in the former governmental extension services which developed from the end of the 19th century. Delphy currently employs about 240 consultants and project managers from around the world. The organisation’s main activities are advisory services, practice-oriented research, demonstrations, and training activities for farmers and growers, as well as innovative projects in the plant-based sector such as arable farming, bulbs, tree cultivation, soft fruit, top fruit, and horticulture. Delphy covers all aspects of cultivation management, including day-to-day crop management and the implementation and development of innovative technologies and decision-support systems, as well as soil-improvement plans and control strategies for soil-borne diseases.

Knowledge development and knowledge implementation

Over the last few years, Delphy has also developed other areas of activity. As part of the Dutch government’s policy is to stimulate innovation in agriculture, Delphy advisors are also active as coordinators of innovation projects. Projects are frequently large-scale, international, or cross-sector, with a firm basis in the primary production sector. These projects translate innovation created by research into concrete applications at the farm level.



Source: Delphy


Delphy stands for trust, responsibility, and freedom

The experts at Delphy are reliable, independent, and knowledgeable, and take responsibility for the interests of our partners. Our advisors share their knowledge and expertise with our partners in order to help them achieve their objectives and improve results. The extensive history of the company, backed by a team of loyal and highly qualified experts, characterises these values and provides security, expertise, and independence to our partners.

The role of the advisor in innovation is more to facilitate the innovation process than simply to give advice. Delphy advisors also coordinate several EIP operational groups and Delphy has an extended network in agriculture and agribusiness. While the core of the company is placed in Europe, Delphy has subsidiaries in countries such as Belgium, China, Denmark, Ethiopia, Japan, Kenya, Latin-America, Poland, Russia, Spain, Turkey, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. We are currently working towards developing new markets in Russia, Eastern and Southern Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. As a result of this global presence, Delphy has more than 9,500 clients in more than 55 countries. Our customer base includes agribusiness as well as government agencies.

Delphy B.V. and the Smart Protein project

With this rich experience in global agribusiness, Delphy is perfectly poised to provide knowledge and expertise for our partners in plant-based projects around the world (including the Horizon 2020 projects, as well as many others). Delphy’s knowledgeable experts are already contributing to the success of several of our partners.

With their strong knowledge development and implementation, Delphy wants to help their partners contribute to the health, food safety, sustainability and well-being of the Earth and its inhabitants by optimising food and flower production.