Meet the Smart Protein partner: Barilla


Barilla is an Italian company that is still owned today by the family that founded it in 1877. The leading Italian company in the production of semolina pasta and ready-made sauces, Barilla is a global leader in the agri-food sector, present in over 100 countries.

Barilla and the Smart Protein project

Barilla is excited to be one of the Smart Protein project’s industry partners. With expertise in the development of a variety of food products – including pasta, sauces, pesto, breads, minicakes, and biscuits – Barilla can quickly test applications of Smart Protein’s outputs.

The company is driven by the motto ‘Good For You, Good For the Planet’. For Barilla, this means improving the efficiency of production processes in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption, while promoting more sustainable agricultural and farming practices for all strategic supply chains. All of these goals align perfectly with those of the Smart Protein project.

Barilla’s other commitments

Barilla sources excellent ingredients for their products, ensuring high quality and guaranteeing responsible production that is attentive to the planet’s resources. Over the years, Barilla has developed the Sustainable Agriculture Project, which promotes the development of responsible farming practices in economic, environmental, and social terms, increasing the percentage of responsibly purchased raw materials every year, reaching 63% in 2020.

Additionally, Barilla promotes the environmental sustainability of its product packaging. In 2020, 99.6% of packaging was purchased responsibly, in accordance with the Barilla sustainable packaging principles. Furthermore, 100% of the paper and cardboard used in the packaging is certified according to FSC, PEFC, and SFI standards.

Lastly, Barilla promotes the improvement of the environmental impact of production processes by managing and monitoring the energy resources used in production plants, as well as greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, and production waste. The company is committed to the rational and efficient use of energy resources and to increasing its supply of energy from renewable sources with GO (Guarantee of Origin) certificates. In 2020, 64% of the electricity bought from the grid came from such sources. As part of a project launched in 2010, Barilla has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 31% and its water consumption by 23%, per ton of finished product. As for emissions, two of their brands, Wasa and Grancereale, have commited to a process to offset remaining emissions through offset projects.

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